10 New Features You May Have Missed

by Eran Steiner • November 02, 2021


4. New "Equipment" Tab

5. Auto Grouping


Equipment reports
Time-based maintenance

*Enterprise only features

Document expiration alerts

Global documents

*Enterprise only features

9. Help Articles

10. Now Supported

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  • Marcelo Iturbide

    Hello. I use airdata to check my flights. With the DJI FLY update I can no longer see the TXT files with the flight-records. Do you have a solution for this issue?

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Marcelo, thanks for the comment. We will periodically release updates for our iOS and Android AirData UAV mobile app to accommodate for changes made by the drone/flight app manufacturer. With that said, please ensure that you are using the latest version of the AirData UAV mobile app on your iOS or Android device. To our knowledge, there are not currently any sync issues with DJI Fly if you are using the latest version of our app. To locate instructions on uploading flight logs, please visit this page: https://app.airdata.com/wiki/Help/Upload

      If you need further assistance, please send an email to support@airdata.com.

      AirData Support