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Frequently Asked Questions

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Active Flights

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What happens to my flight data when I reach the plan maximum?
Priority: 50

As long as the plan is active the system will keep flights indefinitely, up to your plan maximum. When the plan maximum is reached, your older flights will be archived automatically for the period specified by your plan. During the Archive Period, you can upgrade your plan which will restore these flights from the archive. Flight data will not be available after the end of the archive period.

Can I delete active flights to access archived flights that are outside my plan's quota?
Priority: 40

Yes, as long as the flight is still in the archive, you can delete newer flights until the flight you are trying to access becomes available.

What happens if I exceed the number of allowed drones or batteries for my plan?
Priority: 30

If you exceed the number of allowed drones or batteries, only the most recent ones will be displayed. Older ones will not be removed, but will be unavailable.

Do default batteries or default drones count against my quota?
Priority: 20

No, default batteries and default drones that are created automatically for you due to lack of serial number in the flight logs do not count against the plan quota.

If I start with the Lite plan, and then upgrade to HD 360 Gold or Pro, can I download my older original log files?
Priority: 10

Yes, as long as you upgrade before your flights are removed from the archive, the original log files will be available.


Archived Flights

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When does the Archive Period begin?
Priority: 80

The Archive Period begins at the time the flight enters the archive. So, for example, if a flight for an HD Free account was archived on November 1, 2016, that flight would be kept in the archive until May 1, 2017. After May 1, 2017, the flight cannot be restored to the active flights from the archive. Before May 1, 2017, the user will have the opportunity to upgrade their account and restore their Archived Flights into the Active Flights.

At the end of the Archive Period, will I be able to get my photos back if I re-upload my logs?
Priority: 70

If the logs are from the DJI Go app, then yes. Using the DJI GO app, photos are stored inside the log files (typically up to 4 photos). If you are using a flight app other than DJI GO, then no. Photos are not part of the original log file for other flight apps.

Can I restore a specific flight? Or do I have to upgrade the entire archive?
Priority: 60

Currently, we can only restore flights in bulk, but we are working on the ability to selectively restore specific flights.

Can I purchase additional time for flight archiving instead of upgrading my plan?
Priority: 50

No. Not currently, but we are exploring additional storage and archival offerings.

Does the archive period start when I upgrade my account? Or when the flight was initially uploaded to my account?
Priority: 40

The archive period is specific to each flight. It begins once the flight moves from your active account to the archive. Flights will be moved automatically from your active flights to the archive once you reach your plan flight quota.

If the number of archived flights is still greater than the selected upgrade plan quota, will it still restore all of my archived flights?
Priority: 30

No. For example, if you are a HD Free user with 500 flights archived and you elect to upgrade to HD 360 Lite (allows up to 400 active flights), only the most recent 400 flights from the archive will be restored to your active account. The additional 100 flights would remain in the archive for the remainder of the new archive period (for HD Lite, the archive period is 12 months). In order to restore the entire archive of 500 flights, you would need to upgrade to HD 360 Gold (allows up to 1,200 flights).

What happens to my shared flight if the flight gets archived?
Priority: 20

Shared flights will no longer be accessible once the flight has been archived. If you upgrade your plan and restore the archive within the archive period, the shared flight will be active and available through the link originally provided.

What information can I see in my active flights vs. archived flights?
Priority: 10

Once a flight is moved to the archive from your active account, you will no longer be able to see individual details of the archived flights. Data from the archived flights is still used in the calculation of aggregate statistics. In order to access details of archived flights, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan and restore the archived flights.

Please see the table below for specific details:

Active Flights Archived Flights After Archived Period Deleted by User
Show in flight list icon-check.svg icon-check.svg icon-check.svg red-x.png
Included in Overview icon-check.svg icon-check.svg icon-check.svg red-x.png
Included in 'HD Charge' battery calculations icon-check.svg icon-check.svg icon-check.svg red-x.png
Included in Battery Trends (HD 360 Gold and above) icon-check.svg icon-check.svg icon-check.svg red-x.png
Included in Maintenance history (HD 360 Gold and above) icon-check.svg icon-check.svg icon-check.svg red-x.png
Included in Reports (HD 360 Pro) icon-check.svg Partial data Partial data red-x.png
Ability to recover detailed flight data icon-check.svg icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png
Detailed Health Analysis icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Resolution of 10 records per second icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Battery Efficiency icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Battery Minor/Major Deviations icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Volts and Amps Reports icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Battery Info (serial number & temperatures) icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Sensors and Controls Health icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Access to Photo Storage icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
CSV and KML downloads icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Flight Sharing Options icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Wind Calculation Reports icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Can I share my flights icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png
Ability to download original Flight log file (HD 360 Gold and above) icon-check.svg red-x.png red-x.png red-x.png



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Can I upgrade or cancel my plan at any time?
Priority: 40

Yes, you can upgrade or cancel your plan at any time via the Billing tab under your account settings. Upgrading a plan will calculate pro-rated charges between the new plan and the old plan, so you only pay for the time you use each plan. When you cancel a plan, your card will not be charged again, and you may continue to use your plan until the end of your paid period.

Can I pay with Paypal?
Priority: 30

Full Paypal support will come in the future. In the meantime, if you are interested in paying for a yearly plan via Paypal, please contact us or email with the plan you want to subscribe to and your Airdata email. We will then send you a manual, one time payment request via Paypal. You can then complete the payment via Paypal, and shortly after we will update our system with your payment and subscription.

Do you offer plans with more flights?
Priority: 20

Yes. Once you click 'Sign Up' under the 'HD 360 Pro' plan, you can select larger plans.

How can I cancel my plan or remove my card?
Priority: 10

You can cancel your plan or remove your card by going to My Account -> Billing page. If you remove your card, your subscription will not be able to renew. If you cancel your plan, your card will not be charged again, and your account will remain subscribed until the end of the billing period.



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I have 2 drones, which plan do I need?
Priority: 60

It depends. If you just want to view the flight reports under "FLIGHTS" (immediately under "MY LOGS"), then the Lite plan would work, as there are no drone limits in these flight reports. However, if you also want to have access to the "BATTERIES" and "DRONES" sections (immediately under "MY LOGS"), which include battery trends, usage analysis and flight history - then you would need the Gold or Pro plan.

Can I still access my data if I cancel paid subscription?
Priority: 20

If you elect to cancel your subscription, your account will remain active through the end of the current billing cycle (monthly or yearly). At that point, your account will be moved to our HD Free plan. Your 100 most recent flights will remain active in your account. Any flights in excess of the 100 flights will be archived. The archive period for HD Free users is 6 months. Also, you will only have access to functionality provided in the HD Free plan.

Do you offer a trial period?
Priority: 10

Yes! If you're unsatisfied for any reason, you can cancel your account within the first 30 days and request a full refund, no questions asked.

Can I still use HD Sync with Airdata?
Priority: 9

Yes. HD Sync will continue to work with Airdata.



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How do I add new batteries or drones?
Priority: 50

Generally there is no need to add new batteries or drones. New Drones or additional batteries should be automatically detected and created when you upload or sync the initial flight.

However, in some cases, your logs may not report battery serial number on all flights. For example: DJI Mavic Pro users who fly with an iOS device with DJI GO 3.1 or DJI GO 4.0, where the battery serial number is not properly reported in the flight log. In that case, you can add the battery manually by going to the BATTERIES section and clicking ADD BATTERY at the bottom left.

Why do I keep seeing new batteries and drones pop up in my account?
Priority: 40

Third party flight apps that use the DJI GO SDK sometimes report different serial numbers for the same equipment, e.g. batteries and aircraft. These 'encoded' serial numbers, are sometimes different than the serial number printed on the device. In order to avoid duplicate data for the same equipment, please use the Merge function (go to the Merge Tab under the Batteries or Drones section for more detail). Once merged, all future flights should be linked automatically to the correct batteries.

Why is my flight assigned to a "Generic" or "Default" battery or drone?
Priority: 30

If your flight is not registering a specific drone or battery, it is likely due to the absence of a drone or battery serial number captured in the flight log. In the event your flight is registering a generic or default drone or battery, you can manually change the associated drone or battery for a specific flight. Click on the flight, then under General -> Details, click Change to the right of the Associated Drone or Associated Battery.


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