DJI and AirData Set Industry Standards for Drone Maintenance

by Trevor Hall • September 23, 2021 • 

AirData and DJI are revolutionizing how we think about drone maintenance with automatic tracking of your aircraft's service and comprehensive maintenance guides.

Read more about our new integration on the DJI Enterprise...

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AirData and UgCS New Integration

by Trevor Hall • August 18, 2021 • 

AirData UAV now supports SPH Engineering’s UgCS with comprehensive flight data analysis 

AirData UAV and SPH Engineering have announced a new partnership to offer pilots a seamless and simple way to track and manage their fleets...

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AirData - Parrot Integration Benefits Fleet Operations

by Trevor Hall • June 22, 2021 • 

AirData is excited to collaborate with Parrot, an industry-leading drone manufacturer that is using its innovative technology to push the boundaries of unmanned aerial exploration.

Parrot has today the largest ecosystem of apps and...

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Migrating to AirData - Special Offer

by Trevor Hall • May 27, 2021 • 

We have seen an influx of customers who have migrated to AirData from a number of other drone fleet management solutions, and we want to share the knowledge that we gained from transitioning these...

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AirData Helps Megilot Rescue Drone Team Save Lives - Use Case

by Trevor Hall • April 22, 2021 • 

Contributed post by Ariel Zentner, head of Megilot Rescue Drone Team. This incredible organization compiled of only volunteers utilizes drones as a force multiplier for their team. We thank Ariel for this write-up on using drones...

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Multiple Checklists - Fly Safer With More Customization

by Trevor Hall • April 15, 2021 • 

We are excited to announce that you can now create unlimited checklists. With the FAA, CAA, CASA, and other governing bodies placing a large emphasis on compliance, AirData has taken the initiative to expand...

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AirData's Checklist Alerts Keep You Informed

by Trevor Hall • March 31, 2021 • 

Communication between pilots is now even easier with checklist alerts. Recipients of AirData's email alerts are notified instantly when specific answers are chosen on a checklist. This is excellent for relaying pertinent information (equipment...

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Live Streaming with ANY flight app!

by Eran Steiner • March 01, 2021 • 

We worked closely with many of our customers to develop reliable, fast, and easy to use Live Streaming. Our Live Streaming service works over the Internet and is designed for cellphone and...

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Flight Group Checklists

by Trevor Hall • January 11, 2021 • 

Check out our new flight group checklists - a more comprehensive approach to using AirData's powerful pre- and post-flight checklist feature!

If you have used AirData's pre- and post-flight checklists, then you already know...

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Staying Compliant With Time-Based Maintenance and "Airworthiness"

by Trevor Hall • January 08, 2021 • 

As new regulatory requirements for additional maintenance logging have been introduced, we have been busy enhancing our Enterprise product to meet compliance requirements for your UAV operations. We're confident that these new features will...

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