AirData and PG&E Partner for Effective Drone Management and Operational Safety

by Tom Ni • December 07, 2023 • Partnership

PG&E employs AirData’s mission planning suite and automated flight tracking as it ramps up industry-leading UAS programs

(San Ramon, CA, Dec 5, 2023) - AirData participated in an unprecedented PG&E: Pacific Gas & Electric...

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AirData and Sony Electronics Partner to Provide Fleet Management for Airpeak S1

by Tom Ni • September 19, 2023 • 

AirData UAV and Sony Electronics Inc. have entered into a partnership to provide automated and comprehensive fleet data management for the Sony Airpeak S1 Drone. The collaboration will enable Airpeak users to efficiently handle...

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AirData Adds Remote ID Management

by Tom Ni • August 31, 2023 • 

The FAA’s new requirements for Remote ID on unmanned aircraft go into effect on September 16, 2023. To prepare for this regulatory change, users of AirData’s Gold, Pro, and Enterprise plans are...

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Empowering Drone Operations: A Case Study with Oxy and AirData UAV

by Trevor Hall • August 07, 2023 • 

At AirData UAV, we're dedicated to assisting businesses in overcoming the challenges of managing and scaling drone programs. Our commitment to this mission is exemplified by the success story of our long-standing customer,

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AirData and Blue innovation Collaborate to Provide UAS Fleet Management in Japan

by Trevor Hall • February 07, 2023 • 

AirData UAV has partnered with Blue innovation Co. to introduce a localized and translated version of AirData's industry-leading fleet management platform – now available in Japanese! Pilots and fleet operators across Japan can now...

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AirData Teams up With Airbus’ Acubed to Offer LAANC Authorization

by Trevor Hall • December 08, 2022 • 

AirData has partnered with Acubed, Airbus’ innovation center, to begin offering access to the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC).

AirData and Acubed are committed to providing a safe and easy-to-use platform for...

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AirData and AEE Partner to Advance Public Safety Drone Operations

by Trevor Hall • August 30, 2022 • 

AirData has partnered with AEE Technology Inc., a leading USA-based innovator in creating rugged, commercial-grade UAS systems. AirData’s industry-leading fleet management platform will now support the full complement of AEE’s commercial aircraft to provide...

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Migrate From Skyward to AirData - Special Program

by Trevor Hall • May 09, 2022 • 

We are excited to announce a special program to ease the transition for Skyward customers looking for a smooth migration away from the Skyward platform. The AirData program offers automated data migration and budgetary...

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AirData - Skydio Technology Partnership

by Trevor Hall • February 01, 2022 • 

We have worked closely with Skydio, America's leading drone manufacturer, to streamline the ingestion of flight logs into the AirData platform. The new partnership will allow Skydio Cloud to integrate into AirData’s robust fleet...

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10 New Features You May Have Missed

by Eran Steiner • November 02, 2021 • 

The AirData team has been hard at work to provide you with the best experience possible. Thank you for all of your support!

  1. Auto Sync...

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