DJI and AirData Set Industry Standards for Drone Maintenance

by Trevor Hall • September 23, 2021

AirData and DJI are revolutionizing how we think about drone maintenance with automatic tracking of your aircraft's service and comprehensive maintenance guides.

Read more about our new integration on the DJI Enterprise Blog.

AirData Maintenance - Overview

An integral part of AirData's end-to-end fleet management solution is maintenance tracking.

For a safe, well-informed pilot it is important to have properly maintained equipment. Today, when your flight logs are uploaded to AirData, we do the heavy lifting of tracking your equipment's status, so you don't have to.

AirData tracks your equipment's air time, the number of flights, and how many times your battery has been charged. We are then able to send you email Alerts when maintenance is due on your drones and batteries.

Ready-made service templates allow for the accurate and timely completion of maintenance items.

As new regulatory requirements for additional maintenance logging have been introduced, we're busy enhancing our product to help you meet compliance needs.

dji and airdata maintenance integration

AirData and DJI Set New Standards With DJI's Enterprise Maintenance Service

With the high level of sophistication matching DJI's rapidly evolving drone technology, the proper care provided by DJI's Enterprise maintenance is crucial for equipment longevity and operational readiness. AirData and DJI worked closely to make it easier than ever for pilots to maintain their DJI Enterprise drones.

AirData’s maintenance for DJI's Enterprise drones is now based on DJI maintenance standards and service recommendations. AirData has curated four new service types that are specific to DJI's Enterprise drone lineup — each new service crafted to parallel the tiers of DJI's Maintenance Program.

dji enterprise maintenance plans

DJI's Maintenance Program

AirData provides drone program managers with a powerful fleet management tool that automates manual processes, increases data visibility, enables collaboration, and improves the reliability of your drone program. The integration of DJI Maintenance adds enterprise-level upkeep expertise into the equation. Together, DJI and AirData are on hand to help program managers work smarter, safer, and with greater efficiency." -DJI

Read more about our new integration on the DJI Enterprise Blog.

To learn more about how AirData can help you efficiently manage your fleet and properly maintain your drone, please contact us.

The integration is currently available for customers in North America and Europe, with more regions becoming available soon. If you do not see the four new service types listed on your AirData account yet, you may not be located in a region that is eligible for DJI's Maintenance Program.

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  • Mike Kilmer

    I’m a signal pilot with just two Drones. Why can I not access the Enterprise features for my DJI equipment. I will drop my current account if not able to access the features

    • Trevor Hall

      Hello Mike, thanks for the comment. Please note that AirData offers the DJI maintenance to our HD 360 Gold plans and above.

      However, DJI only offers its maintenance service program for its Enterprise lineup of drones. This means that AirData will only show the extra DJI service list items for Enterprise DJI aircraft under the "SERVICE" tab when viewing a drone profile. If you own a DJI Enterprise drone, you can perform the DJI maintenance on the aircraft if you are subscribed to an AirData plan that includes maintenance, which is HD 360 GOLD and above.

      I hope this helps to provide clarification and please let us know if you have any questions.

      AirData Support