AirData - Parrot Integration Benefits Fleet Operations

by Trevor Hall • June 22, 2021

AirData is excited to collaborate with Parrot, an industry-leading drone manufacturer that is using its innovative technology to push the boundaries of unmanned aerial exploration.

Parrot has today the largest ecosystem of apps and services connected to the ANAFI platform. This partnership with AirData offers professional operators a perfect solution for a complete enterprise-grade flight logging solution, combined with real-time and secured streaming capabilities. This is yet another proof of Parrot’s commitment to continuously enhance our ANAFI platform through the addition of high performance, value-enhancing partners." said Jerome Bouvard, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Parrot.

Thanks to Parrot’s team, the flight log generated by FreeFlight 6 has been augmented to efficiently integrate with the AirData system. With the union of AirData's robust fleet management and Parrot's remarkable engineering, ANAFI pilots have instant access to comprehensive crash prevention intelligence on AirData.

We are excited to partner with Parrot to augment the ANAFI telemetry data with an updated drone firmware, as well as offer automatic upload to AirData from within the FreeFlight 6 app," said Eran Steiner, Founder and CEO of AirData. "Together we help customers reduce flight risk, improve operational efficiency, meet compliance requirements, and easily live stream drone footage in real-time with no additional hardware required."

Please visit this help article to learn how to automatically upload your FreeFlight 6 flight logs to AirData.

5 ways that pilots benefit from AirData - Parrot collaboration

 Automatically capture your ANAFI flights and pilot data

This new FreeFlight 6 update allows for instantaneous ANAFI flight log uploads to your AirData account. We do the heavy lifting of automatically tracking pilots and equipment so you and your team can focus on the task at hand.

 Discover early signs of problems to prevent surprises

Identify equipment issues early on with our powerful under-the-hood information. Review trends and receive alerts to help reduce risk and and increase flight safety.

 Meet compliance requirements

AirData helps you meet compliance requirements through custom flight reports, fully customizable pre and post-flight checklists, and automatic maintenance tracking.

 Improve Flight Efficiency

Analyze comprehensive flight and pilot data for optimal and safer flights. Track and identify pilot activity and behavior over time.

AirData automatically tracks your equipment and notifies you when maintenance is due. Ready-made templates make completing the maintenance a quick and simple process.

 Live stream your ANAFI footage with no additional hardware

The AirData live streaming service allows for very low latency streaming (1-second) of any flight app as it broadcasts the screen of the phone or tablet. The live streams are PIN-protected over SSL, which ensures that only designated viewers will have access to the stream.

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