DJI to Disable Flight Record Sync in the US: What This Means for AirData Customers

by Trevor Hall • June 07, 2024

Starting on June 12, 2024, DJI just announced that the flight record sync feature in the DJI Fly and Pilot 2 apps will be disabled in the United States. This change has raised concerns among drone operators who rely on DJI's cloud to automatically sync their flight logs with platforms like AirData. While this change poses a disruption to the current process, AirData offers robust alternatives to ensure that your flight logs can still be seamlessly uploaded.

This blog post aims to clarify these changes, outline who will be affected, and provide alternative methods for syncing flight logs to AirData.

Update from DJI

According to DJI’s announcement, the flight record sync feature will be disabled for the DJI Fly app in the United States beginning June 12, 2024. Additionally, the option to sync flights with DJI’s cloud from the DJI Pilot 2 app will also be disabled, expected in mid-July 2024. 

US Customers vs. Global Customers

For AirData customers in the United States, this change means that automatic syncing of flight logs via DJI’s cloud, the process we refer to as Direct DJI Sync, will no longer be available using the DJI Fly and DJI Pilot 2 apps. However, if you are located outside of the United States, you can continue to use DJI's cloud to sync your logs with AirData at this time.

Alternative Methods to Sync DJI Flight Logs to AirData

AirData offers robust alternatives to ensure that your flight logs can still be seamlessly uploaded:

  1. Using the AirData UAV Mobile Application: The recommended method is to use the AirData UAV mobile application. This app can directly upload flight logs from your device to AirData, bypassing DJI’s cloud. This method is not only straightforward but also secure, ensuring your data remains under your control. Importantly, if you are already using this method, nothing will change for you – your current process remains unaffected.

  2. For instructions on how to upload logs to AirData using our mobile app, please refer to the below articles:

    - Android phone/tablet with DJI Fly, DJI Pilot, DJI GO
    - iOS device with DJI Fly
    - DJI RC Pro, RC Pro Enterprise
    - DJI RC Plus
    - DJI Smart Controller
    - DJI CrystalSky

  3. Manual Uploads: Another option is to manually upload your DJI flight logs to AirData. This involves extracting the logs from your device and then uploading them through AirData’s web interface on this page. While this process is more manual, it ensures that no data syncing capability is lost due to DJI’s policy changes.

    US-based users of the DJI RC and DJI RC 2 will need to use manual uploads for the time being. Our engineering team is looking into the possibility of additional solutions, but we do not have additional details as of yet. Please see this help article for detailed instructions on manually uploading from the DJI RC and RC 2.

  4. Third-Party Flight Apps: Users who utilize third-party apps such as Litchi and DroneDeploy will not be affected by DJI’s changes. These apps can continue to automatically upload flight logs to AirData, ensuring that your data syncing remains uninterrupted. For a full list of apps that support auto upload to AirData, please visit .

Commitment to a Seamless Experience

AirData remains committed to providing a seamless and efficient flight log management experience for our users. We understand the importance of reliable data syncing and are dedicated to supporting our customers through this transition. We will continue to monitor updates from DJI and provide additional guidance as more information becomes available.

If you have any questions or require assistance with the alternative methods, please do not hesitate to contact us at Our team is here to help ensure that your flight operations continue smoothly and without interruption.


While DJI’s decision to disable flight record sync in the US may initially seem concerning, AirData provides effective alternatives to ensure your flight data remains accessible and secure. By utilizing the AirData UAV mobile app or manual upload methods, you can continue to leverage AirData’s powerful analytics and compliance tools without disruption.

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for your continued trust in AirData.

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Q: Which setups are currently incompatible with the AirData app for uploading logs?

A: The AirData app cannot upload logs from the iOS DJI GO 4 and iOS DJI Pilot apps. For Android - the DJI RC / RC 2 controllers currently do not allow the installation of 3rd party apps. Users with these setups are advised to use the manual upload process.

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  • Ronald Wilson

    I have the Air 3 with the RC 2. Is there any solution for us RC 2 users?

    • Klrskir

      I have the very same question. Since the RC 2 does not allow for installation of apps, my guess is that we're going to need to manually upload records from the SD card.

  • Klrskir

    Might there be any guidance regarding Goggles V2, Goggles 2 & 3?

    • Trevor Hall

      When using any of the goggles models (Goggles 3, Goggles V2, Goggles 2, Goggles Integra), the goggles themselves create the flight record. To upload to AirData, you'll need to transfer the logs from the goggles to a phone or tablet and then use our mobile app to upload them. For detailed instructions, please refer to this article:

      Regarding the recent DJI changes that disabled cloud sync, the process of uploading logs when using goggles will not be affected, as long as you transfer the logs to a phone or tablet rather than to the RC / RC 2.

      AirData Support

  • Brian Kushner

    Yeah RC2 your cooked..I fly a lot.Manual upload for me would be too much of a pain. Guess all things come to an end eventually.

  • Joe Dawson

    Can you just create a NON -USA DJI account?

  • Phil Nelson

    I'm having the same problem with the RC 2. While I have been able to extract flight data from the RC 2 controller using the DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones Series) and save it as a .dat file, I have not been successful in uploading a .dat file to Airdata. Their manual upload process looks like it's working, but the flight data does not show up in My Logs.

  • I sure hope someone comes up with a solution for the RC2. I rely on AirData to keep track of flight logs. If I can't get flight logs into AirData it will be useless to me.

  • Trevor Hall

    Hello everyone,

    For those with questions about uploading logs from the RC / RC 2:

    With DJI disabling the syncing of flights with their cloud for US-based customers, the new process of getting your RC / RC 2 flights into AirData is a manual one. Essentially, you will need to connect the RC / RC 2 to a computer, extract and manually upload the TXT logs to AirData. For instructions, see this article:

    Our engineers are investigating alternative methods to automate flight syncing for the RC / RC 2, but we do not have a solution just yet.

    Please stay tuned!

    AirData Support

  • Josh Ashdown

    Thanks for the update Trevor!

  • David Thurston

    I am in the UK and my sync is not working. When I go to my flight page the "Processing New Flights" seems to be stuck in an eternal loop of doom.

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi David,

      Due to DJI's recent announcement, our servers were experiencing record activity in the volume of flights being uploaded, which resulted in a delay in processing flight logs. The server load is now back to normal so you should see your flights being processed at their usual speed. Thank you for your patience.

      AirData Support

  • Mark Henry

    I tried using the application OpenMTP v3.2.23 on my Mac Studio (OS Sonona 14.5), but the application would not open. (Just the spinning beach ball and bouncing icon on the dock). I tried downloading both Mac versions (older and newer Macs) and neither worked. I also went to the GitHub to find the latest version which was the same v3.2.23. It did not work either. What was the application a previous commenter Ruben said he had success with ?

    • Chris Fisher

      Ditto! I could not get OpenMTP to work on my M1 iMac (OS Sonoma 14.5). I also had the spinning beach ball and the bounding icon in the dock. I will try Android File Transfer

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Mark,

      Another tool you can use to connect your RC / RC 2 to your Mac is "Android File Transfer", as Chris referenced.

      AirData Support

  • Mark Henry

    I downloaded the app "Android File Transfer" for my desktop Mac. It opened properly (unlike OpenMTP) and immediately saw the RC2 controller as a file source. Using the guidance from this webpage to navigate down to the proper folder, (Flight Records were buried fairly deep), I was easily able to copy my flight records to the Mac desktop and then manually upload them into upload. page by dragging and dropping.

  • Tim Wright

    So far no problems using the Airdata app on Smartcontroller. All my flights from yesterday are on the server.