Discover What's New at AirData: Exciting Updates & Recent Events

by Trevor Hall • January 04, 2024

Our recent journey has been marked by significant updates and new features, all aimed at enhancing your experience and operational efficiency with AirData. A remarkable achievement we're proud to share is the uploading of over 36,000,000 flight logs to AirData, a testament to your continued support and trust.

Mission planning

We have introduced the eagerly-anticipated mission planning feature. This comprehensive tool empowers pilots by providing a streamlined platform to define the "who, what, when, where, and why" of their missions.

It allows real-time access to airspace and weather information, assignment of participants and necessary equipment, as well as the ability to conduct in-depth risk assessment checklists. The feature fosters regulatory compliance through the creation of detailed mission reports, offers personalized approver settings, and boosts team collaboration with a built-in chat function.

We've recently added a feature for KML uploads, making mission and LAANC area outlining significantly easier.

Click here to learn more about mission planning.

Mission planning is currently only available for our Enterprise subscribers.

LAANC Requests on AirData

The FAA’s LAANC program, available for US-based pilots, permits UAVs to gain automated access to restricted airspace.

Users can now conveniently initiate LAANC requests on AirData, either as part of a mission or as a standalone request, even from a mobile device.

Notably, AirData's LAANC authorization module is seamlessly integrated with Airbus, an FAA-approved provider of LAANC services.

LAANC requests are currently only available for our Enterprise subscribers, and will be available for additional plans soon.

Remote ID Management

New Remote ID requirements for UAVs are being adopted worldwide. To comply with these regulations, AirData users on Gold, Pro, and Enterprise plans can now use AirData's equipment management features to handle their aircraft's Remote ID information. Additionally, Pro and Enterprise plan users can generate flight reports that include Remote ID information. Click here to learn more.

New Firmware Database

Our new firmware database, a comprehensive tool for the latest drone firmware releases, provides up-to-date information and promotes user discussions. Share experiences, discuss potential issues, suggest best practices, and learn from community insights. To access the firmware database, click here.

More Product Enhancements

We've introduced a new "maximum distance by drone type" alert and an "Organization filter" in reports, enhancing data analysis, along with a search bar in the help section and the addition of pilot registration numbers for improved accessibility. Now, all your important documents can also be easily accessed in the "My Account" tab. These updates are designed to streamline your experience on our platform.

The maximum distance by drone type alert and Organization filter are currently only available for our Pro and Enterprise subscribers. My Documents will only show on Enterprise accounts.

Newly Supported Aircraft and Flight Apps

We're dedicated to expanding our supported drones and flight apps list, equipping each program with the ability to oversee their entire fleet in an integrated manner.


  • DJI: Mini 3/4 Pro, Avata, Inspire 3, Mavic 3E/3T/3 Classic, M30/M30T, M350 RTK
  • Skydio: 2, 2+, X2, X10
  • Autel: EVO Max 4T, Nano, Lite, Nano+ & Lite+
  • Parrot: Anafi Ai
  • AgEagle: eBee X
  • Teal: Golden Eagle, Teal 2
  • Voliro: T
  • Flyability: Elios 3
  • FlightWave: Edge 130
  • Sentera: PHX
  • Quantum-Systems: Trinity F90+
  • AEE: Mach 4 & 6

Flight Apps

  • Autel Sky & Explorer V2
  • Parrot FreeFlight 7
  • DroneControl


AirData's commitment to improvement and innovation is fuelled by our valuable interactions at various industry events. The opportunity to hear from you, our customers, directly informs the evolution of our product and services.

Recently, we participated in a range of gatherings, from broader industry events such as the Commercial UAV Expo and AUVSI Xponential, to more focused conferences like DJI Airworks, which was an exclusive, invite-only event. These experiences have offered essential insights into the diverse needs of our user base.

At public safety events such as the Interpol Drone Experts Summit, LEDA, and the CT Municipal UAV Task Force, we gained a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements.

We also attended Elevate UAV, the PG&E conference, and the Energy Drone and Robotics Summit, where we had a speaking engagement with a current customer. These experiences further broadened our understanding of the UAV industry and its challenges.

Looking ahead, we can't wait to engage with more of our customers at upcoming events. Your feedback is vitally important to us and genuinely contributes to the refinement of our product and services. We look forward to seeing you in person at future events and continuing our shared journey in shaping the future of drone data management.


We're thrilled to announce several strategic partnerships aimed at providing enhanced services to you, our valued customers. Our collaborations with Skydio and Sony enable automatic syncing of your drone flight logs from their respective clouds. This ensures a seamless data retrieval process, saving you valuable time.

We've joined forces with Airbus, an FAA-approved provider for LAANC services, enabling our customers to initiate LAANC requests directly through AirData.

Together with Blue innovation, we've extended our global reach, introducing fleet management solutions to Japan, complete with Japanese language support on our platform.

AirTime with AirData

We recently launched a new series of biweekly calls, AirTime with AirData. These interactive sessions are your opportunity to learn more about our product updates, key features, and optimal workflows. It's also a space where your questions and insights are welcomed. Click here to learn more.

Thank you for your ongoing engagement with AirData. Your valuable feedback and support play a significant role in helping us effectively address your evolving UAV data management needs. We're excited to continue this journey with you, bringing more updates and improvements. Don't hesitate to contact us with any thoughts or questions. We wish you safe flying and continued success with AirData!

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  • Florentino Mercado

    I believe technology is getting better and better every day
    Thank you guys flying drone's is my passion

    • Trevor Hall


      • Ken Fayal

        Hey Trevor, remember me and Sheri? I was watching a video with Airdata content (because I do fly my drone part 107) and who did I see in it???? Trevor Hall!!!

        • Trevor Hall

          Small world, Ken! Thanks for reaching out on LinkedIn.

  • Robert McChesney

    When we met in Orlando years ago I said then "I hitched my wagon to AirData because of the innovation you bring." And, here it is again. Bravo Air Data Team.

    • Trevor Hall

      I recall our conversation at AUVSI's Xponential. Thanks for the comment and your loyal support!

  • Allen Newland

    I've been an AirData (previously HD) supporter (paid subscriber) for many years now. I find it a little bit distasteful that LAANC Authorization isn't part of any level except Enterprise. I can sort of see why the Mission Planning is reserved for Enterprise only but LAANC approval within your App should be a fundamental item in every paid plan. Just my 2-cents.

    • Joe O'Neal

      Agreed. LAANC Auth should absolutely be available to all levels.

      • Eran Steiner

        Absolutely! We simply roll it out gradually. We do plan on making LAANC available for additional plans very soon!

    • Trevor Hall

      Great news! LAANC services are now included with each AirData plan. Read more about the update here:

  • Василий Корогодов

    Я верю что ваша дружная команда добьётся новых успехов вновом 2024 году.С новым годом вас.

  • Mirko Filipič

    I am very satisfied with the new look of the application. I wish you much success in 2024. Greetings from Slovenia.

  • Agreed!

  • Congratulations, on the new updates and partnerships, Airdata is an integral asset for the drone community at large.

  • Marco Catalano

    Hello, is there a possibility to display InFlight Air-Temperature Data (not battery temperature data) on your app, with an additional one-shot-plan?? It would be perheaps the most interesting information ;-)

    • Trevor Hall

      Thank you for your suggestion! At present, we do not offer a feature to display InFlight air temperatures. However, we do provide historical ground weather conditions along with InFlight wind information. To view this information, select your flight and click on the 'WEATHER' tab, located on the left-hand side towards the bottom of the dashboard.

      AirData Support