AirData Introduces Automated Flight Log Syncing for DJI Agras Agricultural Drones

by Tom Ni • March 12, 2024

In a key development for agricultural drone users, AirData, a leading UAV fleet management platform, has unveiled a highly anticipated feature to help farmers and agribusiness owners manage their DJI Agras aircraft. Customers can now seamlessly sync flight logs for all of their DJI agricultural aircraft, including the Agras T10, T20, T20P, T30, and T40, directly to their AirData accounts.

The DJI Agras series is one of the market leaders for agricultural drones, offering excellent value and performance. Drones have transformed numerous farming practices, with farmers relying on them for surveying, pest control, crop health monitoring, soil analysis, and other crucial functions. As drones play an increasingly integral role in modern farming, the ability to automatically sync flight logs is a significant advancement for agricultural organizations seeking to optimize operations.

Enabling automated syncing is quick and user-friendly for AirData customers. Users can head to My Account -> DJI Agras Login to link their DJI SmartFarm agricultural accounts to their AirData accounts, much as they do with other DJI drones. Having access to this real-world data ensures that users can track trends in performance and operational demands, empowering them to make informed decisions and maximize the efficiency and safety of their drone operations. The AirData platform is able to take this flight data and provide greater insights via flight reports, maintenance tracking, and other features. The AirData team is actively working on further enhancing this feature to capture even more comprehensive flight data, ensuring that users have access to the most detailed insights possible.

We are thrilled to introduce this highly requested feature to our agricultural customers," said Eran Steiner, AirData CEO. "We recognize the importance of providing innovative solutions that address the vertical-specific needs of our customers. It has been an important commitment for our team to deliver automated flight log syncing for the DJI Agras, and we hope to build on this release to provide even better value for our customers in agriculture.”
Begin optimizing your agricultural drone operations with AirData today! You can find our DJI Agras integration help article here: DJI Agras Uploads.

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