AirData Expands Partnership with Airbus to Offer LAANC to All AirData Users

by Tom Ni • February 21, 2024

In a move toward enhancing drone flight safely and FAA compliance, AirData has strengthened its partnership with Airbus to extend LAANC services to all users. Customers of all AirData plans can now access airspace advisories and information, as well as LAANC authorizations, on AirData’s web and mobile platforms. This expanded collaboration allows all US-based AirData users to seamlessly access controlled airspace with near-real-time approval from the FAA.

AirData users can now use one unified platform to access multiple layers of critical pre-flight information. Customers on the web app can view current weather conditions via the OK TO FLY page, and any active applicable NOTAMs on the airspace map. Likewise, AirData’s Android and iOS apps provide weather data via an OK TO FLY tab, and relevant airspace information via the AIRSPACE tab.

For instructions, please see our LAANC Authorization Guide and our LAANC Authorization Guide for Mobile. Users can explore the step-by-step application process, making their drone flying experiences easier, safer, and more compliant.

For more information about the FAA’s LAANC program, please see our LAANC FAQ.

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