Empowering Drone Operations: A Case Study with Oxy and AirData UAV

by Trevor Hall • August 07, 2023

At AirData UAV, we're dedicated to assisting businesses in overcoming the challenges of managing and scaling drone programs. Our commitment to this mission is exemplified by the success story of our long-standing customer, Oxy - Occidental Petroleum Corp, who we had the honor of presenting alongside at this year's Energy Drone and Robotics Summit 2023. Let's delve into their journey and how they leveraged our drone fleet management software.

The complete presentation can be accessed below for on-demand viewing.

AirData UAV: A Partner in Growth

Oxy's drone program has seen significant growth over the years. From a modest beginning with a few pilots, they now operate with 33 part-time pilots and eight full-time pilots, primarily using DJI drones. Scaling the drone program posed challenges, such as managing large volumes of data, mitigating crash risks, and maintaining compliance with the expansion of the fleet.

Seamless Integration and Partnerships

Our collaborations with various hardware and software companies have enabled us to seamlessly integrate flight logs from many different drones and flight applications. This has simplified flight logging for Oxy's pilots and has allowed the company to keep a comprehensive inventory of their drones.

Analytics: The Key to Crash Prevention and Performance Monitoring

A standout feature of our software that Oxy has utilized is our analytics. Our system helps prevent crashes by making flight log data visual and actionable. Oxy has been able to identify potential issues before they escalate by tracking equipment performance over time.

Incident Analysis and Learning

Oxy has derived significant value from our software's capability to analyze drone incidents. By examining detailed analytics and flight logs, they've been able to learn from past mistakes, refine their standard operating procedures, and provide improved training for pilots. This has proven vital in preventing future incidents and ensuring the safety and efficiency of their operations.

The graphic below showcases how information gleaned from AirData successfully determined the cause behind a drone incident involving its descent onto cables or wiring.

Compliance Made Easy

Compliance is a critical facet of any drone operation. Our software offers the necessary reporting tools to ensure that Oxy's operations remain within the confines of regulatory requirements.

Pilot and Equipment Management

AirData centrally tracks pilot performance to ensure safe and efficient operations. For equipment management, AirData automates inventory, monitors maintenance, and provides performance monitoring.

In conclusion, scaling a drone operation is a complex task, but with the right tools and software, it becomes manageable. At AirData UAV, we're grateful to be a part of Oxy's fleet management journey and look forward to supporting them as their program continues to grow.

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  • Yoshi Schechter

    Thank you for publishing this - it has given me even more ways to leverage my enterprise subscription! We are getting GREAT value from AirData UAV!

    • Trevor Hall

      Thank you for the comment, Yoshi! Great to hear that we're able to provide value for your operations