Migrate From Skyward to AirData - Special Program

by Trevor Hall • May 09, 2022

We are excited to announce a special program to ease the transition for Skyward customers looking for a smooth migration away from the Skyward platform. The AirData program offers automated data migration and budgetary flexibility. AirData invites users of Skyward to experience the benefits of the AirData fleet management platform.

The AirData migration scripts simplify the transition for Skyward customers. Many customers have already migrated to AirData’s fleet management platform prior to Skyward’s announcement. With these customers, AirData was able to build migration tools that are well tested and were used successfully.

We are here to help Skyward customers who are unexpectedly rushed to find a way to continue their operations uninterrupted," said Eran Steiner, Founder and CEO of AirData. "Our goal is to minimize the complexity and learning curve for your organization. We’ve helped many customers migrate to AirData in the past, so please reach out on how we can assist."

Federal and organizational compliance requires specific data collection and reporting, and AirData’s cloud-based application provides these regulatory reports, data captures, and analysis tools. Safe and efficient sUAS operations are carried out with AirData’s crash prevention algorithms, pilot and equipment alerting, and automatic maintenance tracking.

AirData invites Skyward customers to learn more about the program at https://airdata.com/skyward

Why choose AirData?

 Ease of migration

Automated migration tools to simplify the transition.

 Automatically capture your flights and pilot data

We do the heavy lifting of automatically tracking pilots and equipment so you and your team can focus on the task at hand.

 Discover early signs of problems to prevent surprises

Identify equipment issues early on with our powerful under-the-hood information. Review trends and receive alerts to help reduce risk and increase flight safety.

 Meet compliance requirements

AirData helps you meet compliance requirements through custom flight reports, fully customizable pre and post-flight checklists, and automatic maintenance tracking.

 Collaborate and proactively plan missions

Plan ahead and create missions in specified areas, assign pilots/equipment, and collaborate with your team with built-in chat features. An integrated approval system ensures flights are in compliance with your company's protocols and regulations.

 Improve Flight Efficiency

Analyze comprehensive flight and pilot data for optimal and safer flights. Track and identify pilot activity and behavior over time.

AirData automatically tracks your equipment and notifies you when maintenance is due. Ready-made templates make completing the maintenance a quick and simple process.

 Live stream your drone footage with no additional hardware

The AirData live streaming service allows for very low latency streaming (1-second) of any flight app as it broadcasts the screen of the phone or tablet. The live streams are PIN-protected over SSL, which ensures that only designated viewers will have access to the stream.

How can I get started with AirData?

Getting started with AirData is quick and easy.

  1. Contact us or email us at info@airdata.com and let us know how many active drones and pilots are in your fleet.
  2. We will enable a free trial and get you all set up.
  3. We will provide information about the migration package.

Do I need to change how I do things?

AirData's philosophy is to enable customers to use their existing flight apps and various drone makes. Our platform is designed to automate ongoing operations without requiring any changes to your existing systems.

AirData supports a wide variety of drones and flight apps. Automatic flight log upload is quick and easy to set up with flight apps from DJI, Autel, Parrot, Litchi, DroneDeploy, and more!

What features are available on AirData?

From day one it has been our goal to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your missions. AirData is designed to keep it simple for pilots and operators, and we automate many of the fleet management tasks while providing the necessary tools for maintaining compliance requirements. 

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