AirData and AEE Partner to Advance Public Safety Drone Operations

by Trevor Hall • August 30, 2022

AirData has partnered with AEE Technology Inc., a leading USA-based innovator in creating rugged, commercial-grade UAS systems. AirData’s industry-leading fleet management platform will now support the full complement of AEE’s commercial aircraft to provide AEE customers with comprehensive pilot, equipment, and flight data management in one unified solution.

The latest addition to its commercial UAV line, the AEE Mach™ 6, is designed to serve first responders and law enforcement. 

As a police agency starting up a new drone program, finding AEE has been a great addition. AEE's aircraft have been easy to use for all levels of pilots, and the quality has exceeded our expectations,” said Officer Steve Roach of Evendale PD, a customer of both AirData and AEE. "As a Police Remote Pilot, I like how easy AirData is to use in both maintaining flight logs as well as the live streaming service. I can rest assured that my flight data is securely recorded and I can share my camera view with any team member with one touch of a button.”

The Mach 6 supports a payload capacity of 15 pounds as well as an array of emergency response accessories. Items such as the Thunderhorn remote loudspeaker system, an E-hook attachment for heavier payloads, and their groundbreaking Night Color camera technologies have proven to be invaluable assets to AEE’s customers.

AEE Mach 6 with AirData tablet

As an sUAS designer, manufacturer, and distributor, it’s wonderful to partner with companies like AirData. This partnership integrates their technology and services seamlessly into our public safety focused Mach UAV lineup,” said AEE CMO Mike Kahn. “Together, AEE and AirData have created an awesome experience for our customers.”

AEE is a trusted brand for first responders across the US, including many police, fire, and sheriff’s departments. Incorporating AEE’s full commercial lineup of its Mach 4 and Mach 6 aircraft will allow AirData to better serve the organizations that rely on AEE’s systems for mission critical tasks. This allows customers to use one unified platform to seamlessly and intuitively manage their fleets, oversee compliance, and track their maintenance needs.

AirData works closely with first responders and government agencies to ensure they have the tools they need to do their jobs quickly, effectively, and safely,” said Eran Steiner, Founder and CEO of AirData. “We are excited to work with a partner with whom our values strongly align. Integrating the AEE drones and sensors into the AirData platform gives us the opportunity to introduce cutting edge elements like true Night Color data into our ecosystem and better serve our customer base. We are proud to have partnered with AEE and look forward to our continued business relationship.”

AirData integrates with the AEE flight controller to automatically retrieve AEE Mach 4 and Mach 6 flight and equipment data. Users can pre-plan missions, prepare checklists, create detailed operational reports, set alerts for preventative maintenance and pilot certification, and frictionlessly meet compliance requirements.

Low-latency Live Streaming, a proprietary AirData technology designed and tested in concert with first responder agencies, will also be available to AEE customers. This Live Streaming service requires no additional hardware and provides 1-second latency video over standard mobile hotspots. Low-latency performance is critical in use cases that require real-time visibility for remote viewers.

AirData upload instructions for AEE flight logs here: .

About AEE

AEE Technology is a leading US-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of UAV systems that specializes in public safety-centric aircraft and solutions. Public safety agencies across the United States, including fire, police, and sheriff’s departments use AEE Technology’s UAV solutions. Their purpose built dual RGB and thermal cameras with Night Color Vision are revolutionizing Search and Rescue operations across the country and abroad.

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About AirData

AirData is the largest online drone fleet data management and real-time flight streaming platform, serving over 255,000 users with 26 million flights uploaded to date, processing an average of 25,000 flights a day, with high-resolution data stored per each flight. It is used by large fleet operators around the world as a comprehensive flight safety data analysis and crash prevention platform, with advanced maintenance, mission planning, pilot tracking, and easy-to-use live streaming. 

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