AirData and Chula Vista PD Bring Flight Transparency to Community

by Trevor Hall • October 05, 2021

We are excited to collaborate with the Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) to bring flight transparency to the public. AirData now offers Chula Vista residents the ability to view and understand the exact location, flight path, and purpose behind each police drone deployment.

cvpd flight paths

CVPD's Nationally Recognized Drone Program

CVPD has been an innovator in the industry bringing its drone program to light in October of 2018. Since then, the program has continued to expand its capabilities and now provides additional transparency to constituents through the partnership with AirData.

Chula Vista offers its residents an open AirData-driven web page, enabling the public to be well informed of drone-related law enforcement activity. The CVPD Drone Program Historical Flight Data page is available here:

“Transparency and accountability are key components in the success of our drone program which has been an invaluable tool in maintaining the safety of our officers and the public. We pride ourselves on ensuring the public has access to our drone flight information in upholding the trust of our community.” - Chief Roxana Kennedy, Chula Vista Police Department

AirData Allows CVPD's Officers to Focus on the Mission

With a seamless and simple way to track and manage all of the flight data from their missions, officers can focus on what’s important - keeping the community safe with drone technology, letting the integration provide effortless data collection and automatic reporting. Powering the time-intensive tasks to run in the background will enable police departments to focus on keeping the community safe.

cvpd flight map

AirData UAV is an industry leader in drone fleet management and offers a robust integration for departments looking to benefit from a comprehensive drone program.

About Chula Vista Police Department

The mission of the Chula Vista Police Department’s UAS Program is to provide airborne support to police operations in a safe, responsible, and transparent manner to preserve the peace, reduce response times and increase the quality of life in Chula Vista.

To learn more about CVPD’s Drone Program, click this link:

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