10 Exciting Features - See What's New!

by Eran Steiner • October 15, 2020

We've been busy quietly releasing many new features and wanted to share some of those with you!
Check out these 10 new features in Airdata:

  1. Our New iOS App
  2. Global Media Manager
  3. Wiki Notifications Page / How-To videos
  4. Working Closely with DJI
  5. Support for Anafi USA / Elios 2 / Wingcopter / M300 / MicroDrones
  6. New Wind Profiles for Autel Evo, Evo 2, Mavic Air 2, and M300
  7. Airdata + Dronelink
Enterprise Enhancements:
  1. Auto Assign PIC on Shared DJI logins
  2. Streaming Regions
  3. API documentation
and a new coupon code!

1. Our New iOS App



Use the new Airdata app for iOS to view your flights, complete pre and post flight checklists, check the forecast with OKtoFly, and live stream from any flight app to our secure platform!

Search for "Airdata UAV" in the App Store or visit https://airdata.com/app to learn more.

2. Global Media Manager

Check out the new Global Media Manager! All the photos from your flights, all in one searchable, sortable space. Browse your gallery and easily reference back to the flight details.



3. Wiki Notifications Page / How-To videos


The Airdata team has been hard at work creating the most comprehensive flight notification and How-To wiki page.

From a seasoned drone pilot to a newbie drone enthusiast, we have all the notifications and details to help you fly your best! The flight notification database is also linked to each flight, providing valuable crash prevention intelligence.



4. Working Closely with DJI

Airdata has been fortunate to be the first company to join the DJI FlightRecord SDK program.

We've worked closely with DJI on the newest flight log encryption to provide a safer and better integrated service for our customers.

We are also working closely with the DJI Engineering group on improving the data in the logs, such as adding missing temperature data, including all battery serials, etc.



5. Support for Anafi USA / Elios 2 / Wingcopter / M300 / MicroDrones


At Airdata, we never stop expanding our list of supported drones!

We have added new brands and models to our ever-growing list, including the Parrot Anafi USA, Flyability Elios, Elios 2, Wingcopter, Microdrones, and the DJI M300.


6. New Wind Profiles



The 3D aerodynamic wind models are now available for:

  • Mavic Air 2
  • Autel Evo
  • Autel Evo 2
  • Matrice 300 RTK

For both existing and new flights!

Check out your In-Flight Wind information in the Weather tab.

7. Airdata + Dronelink


We are excited to be working with Dronelink, the innovative flight app from the same team that created Autopilot.

Dronelink now supports automatic integration with your Airdata account, and you can get 10% off if you sign up before the end of the month!


8. Auto Assign PIC on Shared DJI logins

Are you using a shared DJI account with multiple pilots? No problem!

Now Airdata can automatically assign Pilot-In-Command for each flight based on the pre- or post-flight checklists!

Check out this video to learn more about this new feature.



9. Streaming Regions

In an effort to always bring our customers the best experience, we have rolled out new streaming regions.

For our live streaming customers, be sure to update your settings under My Account to set your proper Streaming region.



10. API documentation


We have released Airdata API documentation for our Enterprise subscribers.

Our API enables the integration of Airdata into other platforms in your organization.

Check out the API documentation!




Special Coupon!

Check out https://app.airdata.com/current-coupons for our special coupon code!



Thank you for all of your feedback and support.

Happy flying!

The Airdata UAV Team


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  • Akira Abe

    the application is very good! But it would help a lot if I were multilingual I am Brazilian on the PC I use Google translator but on the iPhone there is no way to use it ... Let's wait for progress ...

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Akira, thanks for the comment. Translating our mobile apps into other languages is on our product roadmap, with no definite timerame. Please stay tuned!

  • Carlos Taylor

    Mavic 2 Pro battery log graphs not supported ?

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Carlos, thanks for reaching out. Please note that AirData will display the battery information for the Mavic 2 Pro. However, there is an issue where the battery temp is not recorded in the log for some people using the Android version of GO 4. We have already notified DJI about this issue, so hopefully, we will see a fix in the near future!

  • Nathan Triplett

    Is there going to be any interest from Airdata to be able to upload Fly logs from Quantum Systems F90+ drones, quite a few of us over in Australia are running these drones with no obvious ability to upload flight logs to Airdata, cheers!

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Nathan, thanks for the comment. We currently do not support the Quantum-Systems F90+ drone, but we look to add it to our supported aircraft list in the future. Please stay tuned!

  • Jeffrey Howard

    Can the shared login feature be expanded to android applications as well, or run on the Crystal Sky?

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the comment. Yes, the Shared DJI Login feature will work for Android as well. However, we recommend that you use the AirData Android mobile app to upload your DJI GO 4, Pilot, and Fly logs when using an Android device (including the CrystalSky). We created the "Shared DJI Login" feature primarily for organizations that use one set of DJI login credentials with iOS devices.

      To learn how to upload flight logs from GO 4, Pilot, and Fly when using an Android device, please visit this page: https://app.airdata.com/wiki/Help/DJI+GO+3%2C+DJI+GO+4%2C+DJI+Pilot%2C+and+DJI+Fly

      Feel free to shoot us an email at support@airdata.com if you have further questions regarding the best way to sync your flight logs.

      AirData Support