OKTOFLY.com - New drone forecast service by Airdata UAV

by Airdata • September 25, 2019



OKTOFLY.com - Accurate drone forecast by Airdata UAV.

Quickly assess risk level with an easy-to-use interface.

Be better prepared and fly safely with an accurate, drone-specific forecast.

Accurate Drone Forecast - OKTOFLY.COM

Based on high-resolution data from more than 8,600,000 flights, we have implemented real-time artificial intelligence to provide you with the most accurate, drone-specific, easy-to-use forecast.


Smart Satellites Prediction - OKTOFLY.COM


Satellites orbit the earth constantly and their position in the sky is always changing.

Using high-resolution ground elevation data, we calculate the position of each satellite relative to your location, and check the ground elevations around you to determine if those satellites are visible in your location.

In real-time we test thousands of elevation points for each forecast hour, so we can accurately predict safe GPS conditions.

For a full 15-day forecast, we evaluate over a million elevation points around your location!

Our satellite forecast is accurate to +/- 1 satellite over 90% of the time.

Forecast at Different Heights - OKTOFLY.COM

Using wind data from millions of flights in 220 countries, we developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that can accurately predict wind at different heights.


Extended forecast - OKTOFLY.COM

FREE 5-day forecast for all Airdata users.

All paid Airdata subscribers have access to a 15-day forecast!

15 DAY


Easy to use - OKTOFLY.COM


Determine if conditions are favorable with a quick look.

Want to dig in and learn more? Go for it! Simply click each box for more.


Pilots Nearby - OKTOFLY.COM

Ever wondered if there are other drone pilots around?

Find other users who are currently using OK TO FLY services in your area!


Try it out - it's FREE!

No need for special software, just go to https://oktofly.com and give it a shot!

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Happy flying!

The Airdata UAV Team


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  • Daniel Vavrecka

    A great feature for planning our flights!