NEW! Live Streaming with ANY flight app

by Airdata • November 07, 2019

Updated June 24th, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Airdata now offers Live Streaming!

For the past year, we worked closely with many of our customers to develop a reliable, fast, and easy to use Live Streaming.

Our Live Streaming has an extremely low latency and can be used with ANY flight app!


Low Latency

We designed our live streaming technology to deliver very low latency.


Approximately 1 second latency, even over Wi-Fi hotspots!

ANY flight app, ANY manufacturer

You deserve a choice of which flight app to use!

Our new Airdata mobile app will capture the tablet screen, so whatever is displayed on the phone/tablet will be streamed in realtime, regardless of the flight app you use.

Any app

Our live streaming app can capture in realtime:

- DJI GO 4, DJI Pilot and DJI Fly
- Any 3rd party flight app
- Autel, Parrot or Flyability aircraft
- DJI CrystalSky
- DJI Smart Controller

Both Android and iOS are supported.

Easy to use

Our mobile app makes it extremely easy to live stream!

Open the app, go to Start -> Live streaming and click "Start".

No complicated URLs or settings.

Start streaming in a few seconds - it's that easy!


Multiple live viewing options

Multi Browser

We understand that different users may view the live stream with different browsers.

Our video player supports multiple viewing methods to accommodate a wide variety of devices and browsers.

Share securely with others


Live streams are viewable only to users that are part of your organization.

You can securely send an invite protected with a PIN code to others outside the organization, so they can join the live session.

Live Streaming is available for our Enterprise plan as an add-on feature.

If you are interested in trying out our Enterprise plan with Live Streaming, please contact us!


Happy flying!

The Airdata UAV Team


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  • Francois Rossouw


  • David Brockwell

    Other apps have always been patchy with live feed, hopefully Airdata has mastered it though ill never get to try it on pro plan and not about to upgrade to Enterprise as a sole operator

    • David Brockwell

      same here

  • Rodger Ozburn

    Will be interested in trying it out once the iOS beta is ready!

  • Michael Koplin

    Hopefully it is also an addon for Pro and Gold Plan. Enterprise Plan is not an option for me: only one Pilot with one drone, but i am very interested in live streaming. I am a member of a fire departement. it would be very useful for our headquarter. What's about security? Is the connection encryptetd?

  • Massimiliano Di Silvestre

    Let it be available for Pro and Gold plan please and give us the possibility to test the option for a month free. IOS as soon as possible. We are a no profit volunteers search and rescue drones organization.

  • Ingo Teich

    DJI's recommendation is to put the mobile device in "flight mode" to minimize potential interference between the drone and the controller, what is your experience in using live streaming, as the smartphone must logically be able to send.

    • Scottair2

      Yes turn off wifi bt and nice but turn on your mobile network. The reason they recommend using airplane mode is bc of wifi interference since It does interfere with radio and video signals since they are on such a close signal frequency. Hope that helps!

  • Eric Em

    is app available for the crystalsky ???

    • Maurice Wagner

      yes it is

  • Robert Pearson

    Not sure what the target market or application is if it is only available on an Enterprise plan.

  • Mike Buckley

    Needs to be available on other plans. I agree if done correctly, could be very popular. Realtime or near real time video would be a big selling point. Let's not price the innovators out of the game.

  • Ken Meyers

    OK with DJI Smart Controller ?

    • Eran Steiner

      Yes, it works with the Smart Controller! please reach out to us at for more info.

  • Rpa Pmmg

    Esta opção é paga ?

  • Kathryn Nichols

    Hello! Yes, it is. Please contact us at for more info!

  • David Stiegler

    I would love to try it but I am the only operator so switching to enterprise wouldn't be a good move for me. I think you may be limiting your success by shutting out pro and gold members. I for one would pay a little more to add it to my plan if it works as good as it sounds!!

  • Draymond Crawford

    Over all cost factor will be the make or break point on this service. With the availability of command stations around the $600 mark, this will need to come in under that cost factor and be able to be wifi transponding to other devices.

  • Jared Hurst

    Any updates on iOS availability?

    • Eran Steiner

      If testing goes well - iOS Beta will available next week

  • Daniel Vavrecka

    This feature needs to be available for all of the commercial pilots using Airdata! Why limit it to "enterprise" subscribers only? I don't see the need for an enterprise plan for my small business as we don't plan to have more than 16 drones and other excessive features (maybe I don't see the value in other features), but I know that our clients are sometimes located outside our state so streaming live feed would be nice feature to have. Even if Airdata slightly "bumped" up the price of Pro plan to $19.95, I think it would be a better strategy for them and Pro feature for us.

  • Massimo Chiariello

    App Is very very good.

  • James Marshall

    limiting to Enterprise is not a good idea as it will shut out many users. How about having a 'rescue' pricing plan to support the bona fide charity-funded rescues services ?

  • Alan Callaghan

    Is App available for smart controller??

    • Eran Steiner

      Yes - it can be installed on the SmartController - see

  • Dave Frey

    Thanks, but Gotta wait to get one before using it..

  • John Merryman

    Would love to have this available, but with only 1 drone it would be tough to spend lots of money to be able to stream. I would buy if there is someway the feature can be purchased by a small hobby flyer.

  • Jason Mazzaro

    When will the iOS come out.. its March...... seeing how most use iPad for drones.?. And will it work with acutely typhoon h

    • Eran Steiner

      Hi Jason, our iOS app is now in Beta. Yes, you can live stream any flight app, including the Yuneec. Please reach out to us at for additional information. Thanks!

  • William

    Eran, you quickly and kindly answer everyone EXCEPT for ALL questions regarding pricing the live streaming out of success. Many have asked, commented, that making it only available to enterprise is an issue for us all. Would you PLEASE take the time to reply and enlighten us on this pricing approach. Thank you.

    • Eran Steiner

      Hi William, thanks for the feedback, we hear you. Live streaming with very low latency does carry higher costs due to the the additional server hardware requirements and bandwidth costs. We are certainly considering adding a subset of the live streaming functionality to the non-Enterprise subscribers in the future, but don't have any details or timeline for it just yet. I hope that helps!

      • Foo Bar

        Perhaps you should look into AWS and offering lower resolution / priority streams for your lower tiered offerings.

        • Trevor Hall

          Hi, thank you for the comment. I have passed this suggestion to our product development team.

  • Paul Beatrice

    I would be interested in seeing how this works too. I"m on the IOS platform

  • Darren Pearce

    Given the app was due for release at the end of 2019 for iOS, can you please advise the specific release date. Thanks

    • Eran Steiner

      Hi Darren, the iOS beta is available, please contact us to try it out!

      • i would like to try the beta iOS livestream with a skydio 2. interested in live -streaming at single drone user level also. Thanks !

        • Trevor Hall

          Hello, I'm happy to report that you can download our AirData UAV iOS app on the App Store. For more information about our live streaming solution, please send an email to - thank you!

          Best regards,

  • Mrinal Pai

    Does it stream the drone's location along with the video?

    • Eran Steiner

      Yes - the initial location is transmitted along with the video. Also, because the screen itself is being streamed, you can see the drone location as you see exactly what the pilot sees on their map in the flight app.

  • David McVey

    Would be interested in beta testing iOS livestream, we currently have 20 drones in fleet.

  • Elizabeth Luber

    Wish live streaming was a purchase option for the other tier plans. Only because you cant live stream on Autel.

  • Paul Beatrice

    Ok.. super dumb question but... I have the SW loaded. I dont see anywhere to share this with anyone. Assuming its via a URL or something. But I don't see where to obtain that. I read something about a PIN, but again how is this generated and what does the end user need to do - ie url and put the pin in etc... Thanks

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Paul,
      I just sent you a direct message with more information about live streaming. Please let us know if you have anymore questions!

      Best Regards,

  • David Strasmann

    I am interested for the iOS Beta Version

  • Phill Hann

    Looking for a service that can provide live secure streaming for a Dual enterprise using a smart controller and the pilot Application. Can your project supply all the a for mentioned services is so what is the associated pricing thanks.

  • Chris

    definitely interested as well for other tiered plans.. and not just enterprise (single pilot, ~2-3 drones max right now). Using Phantom4 RTK and have been using the Airdata app on the P4RTK controller without issue (other then having to find interesting ways to launch the app being I must be overlooking some sort of 'app browser')

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for the comment and for your continued support. I have passed this information along to our product development team.

      Best regards,

  • Rocco Di Grassi


  • Jose Leandro Leandro

    How do you use live streaming with the dji Phantom 4 Pro v2 with built in screen.

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for reaching out, and I’m happy to help!

      You will first need to install our Airdata Android mobile app onto your Phantom 4 Pro+ V2. Please follow these instructions for the installation:

      Once the app is installed on your device, you can open the app and navigate to the live streaming tab. Configure your stream settings and start the live stream from the app.

      Here is a video walkthrough that shows you how to set up and view the live stream:

      I hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to reach out to with any further questions.

      Best regards,

  • Lino Castriotta

    Does it work with DJI mini 2?

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Lino, it sure does! Please contact us at for more information.

  • Feani

    Funktioniert Airdata mittlerweile auf dem DJI Smartcontroller?

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Feani. Yes, the AirData UAV app is compatible with the Smart Controller. Please visit this page for download instructions:

      I'm happy to report that we have many customers using our live streaming solution with the Smart Controller! Please send a message to if you would like more information about live streaming.

      Best regards,

  • Sam Raby

    When used with the DJI fly app does this just capture the device screen and therefore the overlays ? Or does this actually stream a clean output from the Mavic air 2 ?

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Sam, great question. We provide two methods of live streaming:

      Method 1 — screen capture streaming. With this method, everything on your screen is captured and displayed for the viewer. As you mentioned, the viewer would see any present overlays.

      Method 2 — RTMP URL streaming. With this method, we provide you with an RTMP URL that you enter in the flight app. This method requires the flight app to support RTMP streaming. When looking at DJI's flight apps, DJI Pilot and GO 4 accommodate RTMP streaming. However, DJI Fly, used with the Mavic Air 2 does not support RTMP streaming.

      Hope this helps!

      AirData Support