What's new on Airdata.com - July 2018

by Eran Steiner • July 13, 2018

New Feature: Media Manager

We have significantly enhanced what you can do with photos!

Now available for all free and paid plans:

  1. Upload photos from the drone SD Card or view photos from flight logs
  2. View photos coordinates, field of view, flight time, and other photo details
  3. Add annotations to highlight important and interesting items in the photos

Check out the MEDIA tab under each flight:


New Feature: Annotations

Add annotations to photos to highlight important items using the Media Manager (video annotations are coming soon).

Share these annotations with clients, coworkers and friends.

Here are some examples:

Upload Photos & Auto Detect Flights

We know you have many photos, so we built a smart upload to automatically detect what photos were taken with which flights, so it's all nicely organized and easy to search.

We are still finalizing the quota system so please stay tuned on various options there.

Here is a quick tutorial for the Media Upload page:


Additional Enhancements / Improvements

  1. SkyWatch.AI Support

    SkyWatch provides drone insurance based on how you fly. Our friends there have made their flight logs compatible with Airdata. Currently the logs are supported on their Android flight app, and soon on iOS as well.

  2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 support

    This new aircraft is now fully supported in our platform.


COMING SOON: Flight Documents

A frequent request from our Enterprise customers is to be able to attach various documents to flights.

We are still finalizing the all the details, but this feature will be available very soon (Enterprise plan only).

Here is a sneak preview:


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