What's new on Airdata.com - April 2018

by Eran Steiner • April 11, 2018

NEW: Kp Index

The Kp Index measures geomagnetic disruption caused by solar activity around the world. A high Kp Index can cause disruption with the electrical system or inaccurate data readings.

You'll find the Kp Index in the Weather page and be able to see a 1- and 4-hour pre-flight forecast along with the actual Kp Index measured during the flight.


Alerts Enhancements

You can now elect to also notify the Pilot-in-Command for any alerts, as well as configure alerts for maintenance services that are due (Enterprise plan).

NEW: Gmail Go-To Action

We're excited to be approved by Google to deliver "Go-To Actions". If you're using Gmail, these action buttons are available directly in your inbox.

Our initial implementation is with Alerts, providing Open Flight in Airdata button directly from the email subject line.


Additional Enhancements / Improvements

  1. New 'My Account' design - We redesigned the Account Settings page to make it more easy to navigate.

  2. Personal / Business details - These pages allow you to enter business information and upload profile pictures.
    More exciting new stuff around this is coming soon, so please update your details and stay tuned!

  3. Flight navigation performance improvements - Accounts with large numbers of flights (10s of thousands) will now load flights much faster.



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