Just released: Alerting, Inflight Wind Upgrades and more

by Eran Steiner • February 20, 2018

We've been very busy lately and this release is our biggest to date.

We very much appreciate all your feedback!

NEW: Alerting Functionality

You now have the ability to set alerting thresholds on equipment or pilot behavior.

Track battery temperature, battery deviations, percentages, maximum altitude or distance (such as beyond-line-of-sight) and more. Send alerts to multiple recipients as needed.

Equipment alerts are available for HD 360 Pro and up, while pilot behavior alerts are available in the Enterprise plan.

Additional alerts along with alerting on maintenance schedules are coming soon.


NEW: Advanced Wind Analysis

New improved algorithm provides much higher resolution wind analysis throughout the flight in all flight modes.

This is particularly useful for those flying in close proximity to structures or in the same area frequently.

We also developed a new Altitude Profile to show wind at different altitudes throughout the flight.

Advanced Wind analysis is available with all paid plans.

    Want to learn more?
    Check out this video from our team:


NEW: Add ANY file format

You can now upload any file format. If we can't parse it, you will get the option to enter the flight information manually, and pick the takeoff location from a map.

We are now prioritizing support for new formats, so even if we can't interpret some of your files now, the extra details may show up soon without any further action needed from you.

No log file? No problem! You can now add flights without a log file.


NEW: Multi Battery Support

You can now link multiple batteries to a flight in the Flights > Details page.

This is relevant for Inspire 2, M200, M600 etc. At the moment, you will need to enter the information manually, but we are working on a mechanism that will automatically identify these batteries in the future.


NEW: Scheduled Reports and improved interface

We simplified the report section to make it easy to report on the information you need.

Also, Enterprise subscribers are now able to schedule reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis:


NEW: Mavic Air Support

Your Mavic Air flight logs can be automatically uploaded and analyzed!


NEW: Drone Harmony Support

We're excited to partner with Drone Harmony to provide users with the ability to upload Drone Harmony's Planner App flight logs.

Auto Upload is coming soon!

Click here for instructions.


4,000,000 Flights Milestone

In case you missed it, we are celebrating 4,000,000 flights!


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