10 awesome new features!

by Eran Steiner • September 02, 2018

We have an exciting list of new features to share!

Here are the highlights:

  1. HD flight player
  2. Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro support
  3. CSV file improvements
  4. GPX format is now available
  5. New maintenance view
  6. Yuneec H520 support
Enterprise plan enhancements:
  1. New pilots section
  2. Upload documents per pilot and per flight
  3. More alerts!
  4. Guest pilots
and a special Coupon.

1. New Feature: HD flight player

Replay your drone flights in Airdata with a great level of detail!

  • Replay: watch the aircraft move through the flight path
  • Joysticks: see the remote joysticks' movement at any given point
  • View notifications from the log and those that are generated by Airdata
  • Running values are displayed below the map


Click the Settings icon New to customize the playback:
  • Customize what columns to display, such as speed, altitudes, voltages, and flight mode
  • Configure playback speed and other settings to optimize your experience


2. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom / Mavic 2 Pro support

Now fully supporting the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom:


3. CSV file improvements

New We got many requests to enrich our CSV, so we did! We added new fields such as Satellite gpslevel (how strong the GPS reception is, ranging 0-5), Battery current (amps used) and the IMU x/y/z speeds (speeds on different axes).

The Message column will now also include the non-GPS cause (such as "Speed Error", "GPS Mismatch", etc.) as well as the data recorder file index (tells you what the DAT file index is on the aircraft), return to home altitude, maximum height set in the app, and much more.

4. GPX format is now available!

GPX format is now available! This format can be imported into various 3rd party apps such as Google Earth and Garmin Connect.

Click here to learn how to open the GPX file in Google Earth.

5. New maintenance view

We added a new, easier way to examine the maintenance per equipment. Instead of going to the maintenance section, you can go to a specific drone or battery, and click the SERVICE tab.

You can also click the History tab to view the past maintenance items for this equipment.

Maintenance is available in the HD 360 Gold plan or higher.



6. Yuneec H520 support

Airdata now supports the Yuneec H520!

Upload your ".utm" and ".sky" log files so you can manage all of your flights in one place.

Click here to learn how to upload these flight logs.



7. New pilots section (Enterprise plan)

For larger organizations with many pilots, we made it easier to:

  • Track pilot flights and hours
  • View days since last flight
  • View chart of pilot activity over the past year
  • View upcoming expiring documents



8. Upload documents per pilot and per flight (Enterprise plan)

You can now upload regulatory certificates, authorizations and other documents per pilot as well as per flight.

Specify expiration dates for easy tracking.



9. More alerts! (Enterprise plan)

Many countries require pilots to fly regularly in order to maintain their licenses. You can now set warnings and alerts if pilots did not fly for a speficied number of days.

In addition, you can now set alerts for when equipment maintenance is "Due Soon", in addition to when it's already "Due".

Alert if pilot did not fly for a speficied number of days:

Alert when maintenance is due soon: New


10. Guest pilots (Enterprise plan)

Many companies use contractors and 3rd party pilots for some of their flights. You can now add these guest pilots as flight participants (for example, PIC/pilot in command, Visual Observer, etc) without having to create a user:


To view/manage your guest pilots, visit the My Account / Guests page.

To add a new guest pilot, simply pick a flight, go to General -> Details, Add Flight Participants, then start typing a new email address (see screenshot below).


Special Coupon

Check out https://app.airdata.com/current-coupons for a special coupon code!



Thank you for all of your feedback and support.

Happy flying!

The Airdata UAV Team


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