HealthyDrones is now Airdata UAV!

by Bill Gaylord • March 21, 2017

We are very pleased to announce that we have changed our name. HealthyDrones is now Airdata UAV. Same company, same great service, new name. 

Today we have launched under our new name, new brand, and new website -  Our new name and brand reflect our continued commitment to providing our pilots and fleet operators with meaningful flight analysis to help ensure safe and reliable flights. We are extremely excited about our direction and growth. You will continue to see additional enhancements to our various service offerings over the coming months as we continue to add additional capabilities and take our new look and feel through the entire user experience.

What this means for you: No action is required on your part. Everything will work the same. All your data and flight links will continue to be available. You can start using the service under our new domain:

We are grateful for all the support and feedback we've received so far and welcome any thoughts or suggestions as we move forward. If you have further questions about our name change, please send us an email at

Happy Flying!

Bill Gaylord, CEO
Eran Steiner, Founder and CTO
Airdata UAV

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  • Cecil Galloway

    Does Airdata support X-Star Premium drones?

    • Bill Gaylord

      We're currently working on support for Autel. So, stay tuned.

  • Steve Hiigel

    Looking to do some 360 shots!

  • Andrew

    Just signed up for your site, now waiting for Mavic Pro to be delivered tomorrow and start logging.... do you have a forum?

  • Bill Gaylord

    Yes, we have an active user forum. You can access it here:

  • Pratap Yadav

    Pl register my flights

  • Jae Min Cheon

    Thank you!

  • Silvester Korwa

    Pleaze register my flight

  • Vividman CN

    I like airdata, thanks.

  • Park Yong Kil


  • Zengguiming


  • David


  • Amoko Stephen

    How to go about custom built Drone Forensics.

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Amoko, could you please clarify the question. You can sign up for a free Airdata account here: Once you do, you can begin uploading flight logs here:

      Best regards,

  • Jean Luc Cheval

    que signifie ( jeton d utilisateur Airdata UAV )

    • Trevor Hall

      Hi Jean, your unique Airdata user token is how Airdata can automatically retrieve flight logs from some apps. You can access your token by going to "My Account" -> "Auto Upload Token". To see a complete list of our supported flight apps and aircraft, please visit this page:

      Best regards,