Download Airdata - Ver 80

Ver 802022-Jul-29
  • Auto upload of AEE drones
  • Autel Sky auto upload
  • Hovermap auto upload
  • Other bug fixes
Ver 782022-Feb-22
  • Fixed an issue with syncing flights on some devices
  • Fixed a bug with pilot assignment to flights when a USB connection is used
  • Other bug fixes
Ver 762022-Feb-09
  • Fixed issues when uploading from SD Card on DJI Smart Controllers
  • Fixed an issue with OKtoFLY forecast cache when switching locations
  • Other bug fixes
Ver 732021-Nov-03
  • Support for the latest DJI Fly folder location
  • Better login screen layout on larger devices
  • Other bug fixes
Ver 672021-Jun-04
  • Fixed issues when using checklists offline
Ver 662021-Jun-03
  • Prevent losing unsent checklist data in some cases when app is in the background
Ver 652021-May-17
  • Improved Alerts display
  • Better response to Back action in various screens
  • Fix checklists breadcrumb with long strings
  • Other bugs fixes
Ver 592021-May-04
  • Improved Alerts display
  • Checklists will now save data when switching between apps
  • Flight sync improvements
  • Better support for Android dark mode
  • Enhanced debug data when user chooses to send to support@airdata
  • Bugs and stability fixes
Ver 562021-Feb-04
  • Multi-checklist support: Add as many checklists as necessary on the web interface, and view and complete those in the app. Having multiple checklists can be very useful, especially for different types of flights (for example "Night flight" or "Training flight"), or different types of drones that require special operational checks (for example "Large drones" or "Foldable drones").
  • Fix crash on startup when forecast address has quotes in it
  • Fixed a potential crash when submitting a preflight checklist
  • Bug fixes
Ver 552021-Feb-02
  • Multi-checklist support: Add as many checklists as necessary on the web interface, and view and complete those in the app. Having multiple checklists can be very useful, especially for different types of flights (for example "Night flight" or "Training flight"), or different types of drones that require special operational checks (for example "Large drones" or "Foldable drones").
  • Fix crash on startup when forecast address has quotes in it
  • Bug fixes
Ver 522021-Jan-25
  • If users from the same account are nearby, more detailed information on those pilots is now available under "Pilots Nearby" (only for pilots under the same account)
  • Bug fixes
Ver 512021-Jan-22
  • Support flight sync with the latest Agras remote (Agras T16)
Ver 502021-Jan-13
  • Fix for the latest Autel Explorer flight logs
  • Network bug fix and other bug fixes
Ver 462020-Oct-29
  • Fix possible crash when clicking Sync Now on some devices
  • Multiple other bug fixes
Ver 432020-Oct-19
  • Fix flight auto-sync with the latest DJI Pilot app
  • Low latency live stream playback is now available in the app (in addition to the web based player)
  • Prevent flight sync during live streaming sessions, to optimize bandwidth
  • New setting to force player to landscape mode
  • Bug fix: Alert screen crash
  • Bug fix: Setting page not saving some settings
Ver 412020-Jun-04
  • Fixed an issue with unit selection not showing properly
  • Now showing the app version number in the Settings screen
Ver 402020-May-28
  • New! Browse detailed flight information by clicking each flight in the Data tab
  • The Data tab will now list up to 100 recent flights
  • Improved thumbnail map quality
  • Airdata Token login is now available (for those who don't have user/pass)
  • Use the app to share your live stream player link with others and set PIN code
  • Various bug fixes
Ver 372020-Jan-22
  • Multiple flight sync fixes on the SmartController to better handle the latest firmware
Ver 342020-Jan-17
  • Fixed sync issues with the latest SmartController firmware
Ver 332020-Jan-02
  • Support for P4P+ and P4A+ remotes
  • Fixed display issues - where certain text was hard to read (seen only on some devices)
  • Other minor bug fixes
Ver 322019-Dec-19
  • Auto upload Autel Explorer flights directly to Airdata
  • P4P RTK & AGRAS - fixed an issue where flight logs were not synced
Ver 312019-Dec-18
  • Fixed an issue with checklists not synchronizing if rebooted device while not connected to the Internet
  • Clicking "Send debug info to Airdata" will include additional info about flight logs on the device
  • Corner case crash fixes
Ver 302019-Dec-06
  • Fixed an issue with DJI Fly log files not syncing properly (for DJI Mavic Mini)
  • Other bug fixes
Ver 292019-Nov-21
  • Bug fixes in Data tab
Ver 282019-Nov-19
  • Added DJI Fly auto-upload support (for DJI Mavic Mini)
  • Zoom is now available when viewing flight paths and images
  • Bug fixes
Ver 262019-Nov-07
  • Data page is now available
  • Alerts view is now available
  • Support auto upload from AGRAS
  • Flight sync fixes
Ver 23 (RC4)2019-Oct-11
  • Support auto upload from P4P RTK, as well as Pix4D flight app
  • Fixed an issue with flight logs being synced too soon - causing very short flight time on Airdata
  • Important: To repair short flights that were already uploaded to Airdata - uninstall the old Airdata app, then reinstall new version. Those flights will be uploaded again properly.
Ver 22 (RC3)2019-Sep-24
  • Fixed issues with flight logs not syncing in certain conditions
  • Improved video quality for very slow connections
Ver 21 (RC2)2019-Sep-20
  • Added ability to send Airdata debug information (new button in Settings)
  • Improved OK TO FLY forecast location lookup when GPS is not available yet
  • Fixed flight per pilot tracking when device clock is incorrect
  • Fixed no flight syncing as a result of unexpected clock changes
  • Fixed duplicate flight uploads in the event of device shutdown mid-sync
  • Fixed app crashes during startup
Ver 20 (RC1)2019-Sep-05
  • Important: Before installing this version, you must first uninstall any earlier versions (14 or lower)
  • New Settings screen: configure how to sync flights
  • Improvements to automatic flight sync for multiple users
  • Support users who have more than one Airdata account with their email address
  • Offline bug fixes
  • Streaming improvements - send streaming speed stats as seen from client
  • Button to find location is more sensitive now
  • Nearby pilots are now available in forecast
  • Streaming trial information will now be displayed
  • This version is a release candidate 1 - please report any issues/crashes you experience to
Ver 14 (beta)2019-Aug-14
  • Reduce CPU use during streaming
  • Improve streaming for noisy/bad connections
  • Fix various app crashes
  • Prevent 2 devices from streaming to the same user
  • Auto sync setting will now be saved when logging out
  • Location icon fixes
  • Better handle wifi wakeup on Streaming screen
Ver 13 (beta)2019-Aug-10
  • Streaming improvements for less reliable connections
Ver 12 (beta)2019-Aug-08
  • Fixed a bug where flight logs will get synced too soon (showing partial flight path on Airdata)
  • After installing this version - make sure to logout and login again
  • First time only: if you enable auto-sync for the first time, all flights logs from the device will be uploaded to Airdata. Therefore, we recommend enabling it when connected to WIFI.
Ver 11 (beta)2019-Aug-08
  • Auto bandwidth adjustment feature improvements
  • Full support for offline mode
  • Improvements to multi user support in both online and offline modes
  • Flights and checklists will now be assigned to the correct pilot automatically, as long as the correct pilot is logged in to the Airdata app during the flight
  • Streaming will timeout after 3 hours, to prevent forgotten streamings
  • Auto sync and manual sync improvements
  • App screens layout improvements
  • Fixed app crashes
Ver 10 (beta)2019-Jul-16
  • Auto bandwidth adjustment feature - experimental way to handle situations with limited bandwidth
Ver 9 (beta)2019-Jul-15
  • Streaming improvements
  • Fixed issues in streaming, when streaming with a bad connection: quicker and more reliable connection retries
  • Fix to prevent player "gray screen" when reloading player after streaming had to reconnect
  • For low bandwidth connection, use 800x600 resolution. It will now only use 1.5Mbps (instead of 3Mbps).
Ver 8 (beta)2019-Jul-13
  • Fixed an issue installing version 7
  • If you still can't install version 8, uninstall Airdata and re-install
  • CrystalSky: Prevent clicking "Back" when streaming started
Ver 7 (beta)2019-Jul-12
  • Fixed some issues with starting/stopping live streaming
Ver 6 (beta)2019-Jul-10
  • Official first BETA build
  • Fixed timezone issue with checklists
Ver 5 (beta)2019-Jul-10
  • API calls fixes
  • Save last audio/resolution settings
  • Layout fixes
On non CrystalSky devices
  • New notification icon when streaming
  • Streaming will work properly with Android optimizer
  • Flight sync improvements (still some issues)
Ver 4 (beta)2019-Jul-08
  • Keep location cached when possible
  • Layout fixes
Ver 3 (beta)2019-Jul-03
  • Fixed incorrect checklist timestamp